Volunteers Remember…!

In this section, you will find some heartfelt sharing by the volunteers and visitors who came over last 15 years. They spent time at Vatsalya doing whatever they could do to help us enhance the quality of life we try to make possible for the children and women we work with.

                                                    Charlotte, Denmark
Denmark, 2008
Dear Jaimala and Hitesh!
I want to say thank you for another great stay at Udayan!
I had the greatest summer here with all of you in Vatsalya ad I just don’t know where the time went, but looking at my “To do List” for this summer, I understand why summer went by so fast!! Please click here for more details…

Please see scanned copies of visitor’s register

Volunteer Visitor Book-1
Volunteer Visitor Book-2
Volunteer Visitor Book-3
Volunteer Visitor Book-4