To progress Indian society by enabling our disadvantaged people to achieve their best potential health.


By direct action and intervention in health care and HIV/AIDS, provide a caring environment where our disadvantaged and vulnerable people can develop their capabilities with dignity.

Health Rights and Advocacy

Vatsalya’s incessant advocacy efforts focus on tackling maternal mortality, child mortality and curbing the growth of HIV/AIDS by making quality services available and accessible on an equity basis to women and children including people in sufferings because of the extreme poverty situation.

While children remains the principal focus,, we believe unless the basic issues related to health of family and community at large are addressed, people will remain deprived of development. Therefore we link our principal work on children with local issues such as high rate of female child feticide, female child infanticide, high maternal mortality, Infant mortality, growth of HIV/AIDS and environment health. This is even recognized by the international community and specifically included three health related Goals out of total eight Millennium Development Goals.

Keeping this in focus Vatsalya, in its role of Health Resource Agency, built a network of NGOs and leading campaign towards fundamental right to health care. This initiative currently being supported by CRY, India.

Some of the key interventions Vatsalya is involved with are listed below:

Advocacy for Fundamental Right to Health

The goal of Vatsalya as a Health Resource Agency of CRY is to improve the health status of the community with the joint efforts of partner NGOs addressing issues related to providing health care on an equity basis, promoting women & child rights for health with the ultimate aim of achieving health for all.

Mother NGO on National Rural Health Mission

Vatsalya having an interface with the government of Rajasthan by getting involved as Mother NGO at District Jalore under NRHM. The objective of the programme is to reduce the maternal mortality and child mortality. Vatsalya also provides technical support in documentations, training and programme planning.

Clinical Care to the Long Distance Truck Drivers to prevent HIV/AIDS

Inter Personal Communication (IPC), Counseling, Mid-Media activities and access to quality treatment of Sexual Transmitted Infection is provided to Long Distance Truck Drivers through the network of Khushi Clinic. The ultimate goal is to save youth and family from the scourge of HIV/AIDS in the country and around the globe. This is National Level Programme supported by Transport Corporation of India Foundation under the grant of Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation.

Similarly, in collaboration with J K Tyre, two Jeevan Kiran clinics have been initiated in smaller locations and Halt point of Trucks to serve all truckers and allied population to receive STI treatment.

Awareness Creation of Safe Sex among Female Sex Workers to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS

As part of the Rajasthan State AIDS Society targeted intervention to educate and increase awareness among female sex workers, the project is implemented in partnership of FSWs. Vatsalya also brings in new element of supporting the child of FSW through its intervention of Udayan.

Developing the Village Knowledge Centre for elimination of poverty condition in rural areas

The project aims at increased productivity and sustainability of natural resources, human development and economic sustainability. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has taken the initiative to support the rural poor by initiating the project on Village Knowledge Centre and Vatsalya is identified as Village Knowledge Centre for transferring the benefits to the communities at the grassroots level to uplift their life and livelihood.

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