Vatsalya Prep School is the newly-opened wing of Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan (VSN). While the target beneficiaries of VSN and Vatsalya Prep School remain the same, the difference between the two is that of vision and approach in respect of how the children are prepared for the future.

Vatsalya Prep School envisages the opportunities of the world to be available and accessible to those children coming from the most underprivileged communities. In a normal scenario, the children coming from a poor socio-economic background have very limited access to those career opportunities that require command over the English language.  They might be on a par in intelligence with the children studying in good private schools; however, due to their inability to understand the language, they cannot get a fair chance to exploit their potential in vocations such as medicine, engineering, etc.  Vatsalya Prep School is the English-Medium wing of VSN which addresses this lacuna in our system. In July 2017, ten children coming from very poor families, including a few orphans, were enrolled in the nursery class of Vatsalya Prep School.  The school is residential so as to provide a long term and holistic environment to enhance effective and fast learning for these little children.

Besides an English-medium education, Vatsalya Prep School puts a major focus on sports, art, craft and music. The idea is to develop the inherent potential of these children in these areas and enable them to pursue a career in one or other of them if they so desire. The learning is facilitated by exposure both in the classroom and through excursions to places of relevance. When they are fourteen, skill-building will be an integral part of their learning. As in the mainstream school, the curriculum will include the development of skills such as cooking, baking, needlework and tailoring, printing, woodwork, organic farming, dairy farming, etc.

The concept was introduced by Mr. Mohan Kripalani who has also very graciously committed to long-term support.  The first batch of ten children who are enrolled in Vatsalya Prep School currently will be supported for twelve years by Mr. Kripalani. It is one of the most holistic interventions in Vatsalya to date and enables us as an organization to ensure the desirable outcome of the program.  Mr. Mohan Kripalani is based in UK.

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