Our School- Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan

Recognising the need and value of a proper need-based education for the children it serves, Vatsalya started its own school in 2011. It is meant to cover the children who live on its premises as well as for those living in surrounding villages. The school was built with financial support from friends all over the world who donated for constructing a proper school building, the drinking water facility and transport for the school. Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan is recognised by the state education department and had 88 children in the first year. In the year 2012-13 we endeavour to double this figure and also invest in improving the quality of education given to children. We do not believe in simply making them literate or able to read, write and count, we aim to identify their inherent potential and develop them in such a way that they become self sustained empowered individuals. Vatsalya Shiksha Niketan has two other major objectives:

Value building

We work hard towards making children aware, and making them understand and internalise values that truly enrich life: perseverance, compassion, service, honesty and respect for all living beings. Vatsalya invests in nurturing young minds that are full of creative thoughts and their little hearts full of love and innocence. We simply tap their potentials and let them blossom into happy positive dignified individuals. When they grow up, they will only spread these virtues and multiply them quite spontaneously.

Skill building

We encourage children to focus on academics and related activities till they are 14 years old. We try different methods of teaching and learning so that even those with not much academic potentials can attain a certain level of mastery over the 3R’s. When they reach 14, a team of resource persons who have worked closely with them prepares a livelihood education plan for the child and the next 4 years are focused on developing those skills. Our challenge and goal is that by the time the children are 18, they should have basic education (preferably a 10th grade certificate), a full time job with an extra back up livelihood skill and the ability to live on their own with dignity and independence. We have achieved significant success in this effort and almost all our children who graduated from Vatsalya are working successfully in IT, the hotel, textile, handicraft and jewellery industries. A few of them are preparing for the Rajasthan Administrative Services, the police and armed force personnel and banking services.


The school has 88 children in the 2012-13 session and we endeavour to have 150 children in the 2013-14 session. We try to maintain a ratio of one teacher per 20 students. Since vocational training of 14+ children is an integral part of our education, we also need to have a trainer per 20 children which is a major challenge for us as it significantly increases the per child cost. We are debating as to what should be the vision and mission of Vatsalya Shikha Niketan, where do we wish to be in next 5-10 years? We would be very happy to hear from you regarding this subject…:)