Vatsalya Annual Report 2016-17

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to present to you the Vatsalya annual report 2016-17. We believe in doing work without expectation of publicity, media coverage or rewards in return and therefore we present our work very precisely in the form of a booklet. The core value of Vatsalya is to work with compassion and dignity to bring about irreversible positive change in the life of beneficiaries through its various programs /projects. Our expansion might not be reflected in numbers, but being the impact organization our relationship and association with our beneficiaries lasts till the time visible change occurs in the life of the beneficiaries. Fortunately our donors also encourage us till the goal of self-sufficiency is achieved. The core areas of our work are to serve deprived/marginalized children from poor rural families and urban slums, women, adolescent girls, targeted young populations vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, and the rural community at large. We do it by rehabilitation, education and sports, skilling, public health services, solar energy and environment conservation.
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