To progress Indian Society by enabling disadvantaged people BENEFIT FROM AND GROW IN A MULTICULTURAL GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT.


By direct action and intervention with volunteers and interns, provide a caring environment where our disadvantaged and vulnerable people can develop their capabilities with dignity.

Working as volunteers and/or interns with vatsalya

Over 700 volunteers and interns have experienced working at Vatsalya in last 10 years from over 27 different countries across the globe. As a volunteer with Vatsalya, in whatever project you choose, you will be making a genuine contribution to the community in which you will live. You don’t need to be qualified or have previous experience. The only qualities that our volunteers need to possess are the compassion and affection for fellow human beings and a desire to selflessly serve them. To learn about volunteer and internship possibilities at Vatsalya, please read Vatsalya Guidebook for Volunteers and Interns. To apply for the same, please send the Application Form of Volunteers and Interns to and We will get back to you with in 2 working days.

Vatsalya Volunteers