Vatsalya started a conscious effort of empowering women as a systematic program in 2006. The Indian woman, on one hand is considered to be the reincarnation of Shakti-the Goddess of Power however; she is also at times the weakest person of the community. This paradox in the India society exists because of the prevalent customs some of which are based on distorted social and cultural beliefs. As a result, the India woman is Shakti, if the circumstances around her promotes and permits her and she is a helpless otherwise. One of the major contributors in enabling her status in the society is her economic condition. While the women of India thrive mostly due to the numerous inner strengths, she does suffer due to poor economic status at a personal level.

Vatsalya began by creating Self Help Groups of women to extend opportunities to them for finding alternative means of livelihood. We do it by training and upgrading the skills of women. These women are members of our Self Help Groups. Each of these groups has a leader selected democratically and a constitution. They hold monthly meetings; discuss money matters related to funds generated as a result of their savings, attend skill building trainings and produce works of art in jewellery, home furnishing and so on. As of now, we have four strong groups who are slowly but steadily moving ahead on a path of empowerment.

Our primary goal is Empowerment – Empowerment of those who need it and who seek it.
The steps involved in our Fair Trade venture are as follows:

  • Create Self Help Groups
  • Train them in skills and arts such as jewellery making, embroidery, stitching, etc.
  • Pay a fair wage for training and production time.
  • Have the products made in regular workshops conducted under skilled supervision, if required.
  • Alternatively, also buy handicraft products from artisans and women who work independently.

Sell these goods through various stores/fairs/events.

To know more about our women’s empowerment program, please visit A website solely dedicated to the Spirit of Women!